Little did I know my test run of our sprinkler system when we moved in would come back to bite me in the ass.

And by “bite me”, I mean explode. And by ass, I mean “backflow valve.” This, my friends, is homeowner’s trash talk.

I failed to shutoff my irrigation line before the first freeze, so the Fates saw it fit to send my water main in to a tizzy and pop off that little bell thing you have no idea why exists. Well, after a little YouTubing, I know now – it’s there to save the rest of your plumbing from flooding your basement when you forget to winterize your sprinkler grid.

Which I did. Enter Fairview Lawn Sprinkler. Promptly answered a Facebook message, able to come out the next day, offered prep tips to help expedite the blow out process (they force air in to your sprinkler grid, thus pushing out all residual water to avoid expanding freezes and ruptured lines), showed up promptly at the appointed time, and charged $35 less than the other quote I received.

Why such a difference? Fairview owns their compressor, whereas many other biz rent one for the job. The latter means you’ve gotta wait until they get a concentration of homes who need the service, and they run the cost of rental back to you.

The former means Fairview’s ready in a pinch, and ever so politely took care of the job in a little under twenty minutes. Didn’t even make me feel like a doofus once.

Okay, maybe once. I deserved it. Thanks y’all!
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